Devia 1S QUICK REPAIR öngyógyitó karc és ütésálló fólia telefonokra (150 mikron) (REPAIR IN ONE SECOND)

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Devia 1S QUICK REPAIR  öngyógyitó karc és ütésálló fólia telefonokra (150 mikron)

"Discover the latest protective film on the market"

Automatikus javítás 1 MÁSODPERC  alatt !!!

Scratch resistant


Fingerprint recognition friend

Perfect fit


Devia silicone film is the most practical and fastest to paste.


No gel is required for positioning,

which from our point of view is the most versatile and cleanest foil after installation.


The only thing that bothers you is that a very fine line stays in the middle of the screen, but disappears after a few days.

It is performed by peeling off half of the film (the first step, after which the second half is glued).

We recommend this silicone film, which is the most resistant in time and does not peel off.


The image only shows the foil from which the cutting machine cuts the final size!


Smart HD hydrogel film

Discover an extremely powerful 0.13 mm screensaver


The Smart Hydrogel HD series allows you to enjoy high quality products,

which protects all parts of the smartphone, both front and back.


Give your device full protection. OEM Devia Gel is the latest generation of foil,

ideal for rounded screens.


The cover is pleasant to the touch and does not affect the operation of the device.


It offers a very good tactile experience. It absorbs shocks and has self-regenerating functions.

It does not affect the quality of the displayed image. Installation is very simple and consists of three steps.

Self-healing scratch and impact-resistant film for phones 1pc

Due to the composition of the hydrogel (water + different polymers), scratching the film is a difficult or impossible process;

Application technology limits the uptake of dust particles.

Foil has a high transparency (99.9%).

It absorbs bumps and small scratches, retaining its new look for a long time.

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